Nick is the best person ever hands down

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Yeah, no, fuck the gym.

kingsandqueers replied to your post: Someone make me go to the gym I feel s…

i nearly threw up when running earlier. went too early after lunch.

I want to cry

Someone make me go to the gym I feel so full and kinda sick but I need to go uuuuugh I don’t want to whyyyyyy

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The National - Wake Up Your Saints

I had a hole in the middle where the lightning went through
I told my friends not to worry, my wife would know how to fix it
Hole in the middle, I’m seeing less of you
Now I’m not going anywhere and I don’t know what I’ll do

It’s easy to lose your grip
It’s easy

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George Ezra - Budapest

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Right so, Plan For The Day:

  • Eat my weight in coxinha
  • Cry
  • Finish up work
  • Gym
  • Date
  • Skype Elise


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